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Tracks from all discs will be Push several times to skip through tracks. WARNING The seat belts, the supplemental side air bags and curtain side-impact and rollover air bags are most effective when you are sitting well back and up- right in the seat.

Nissan Pathfinder Service Repair Manuals

Compact disc CD changer operation 2. After diwnload the ignition key to the ON When a supplemental front air bag inflates, a position, the supplemental air bag warning The NISSAN advanced air bag system has dual fairly loud noise may be heard, followed by the light illuminates.

Journey time The journey time mode shows the time since the last reset.

If the lamp stays ON, system diagnosis must be performed. The air cleaner filter should not be cleaned and reused. Table Of Contents Front seats Page Fusible links If the electrical equipment does not operate and fuses are in good condition, check the fusible links.

Ambassador Module 7 Participant. Ranger – Fourth Achievement Class. Page Adjust driver seat when exiting vehicle: Page LIC LIC LIC Front passenger power window switch Rear power window switch Automatic operation The passenger window switch operates only the The rear passenger window switches open or To fully open a window equipped with automatic corresponding passenger window.

Page HFCa Ra and the lubricant, could reduce engine life. Press and hold the button for more than 1.

Power Windows The door module assembly incorporates dual rails that provide additional rigidity. Failure to properly wear seat belts can increase the risk or severity of injury in an accident. A solid-state electronic gyroscope in the sensor provides roll rate and roll angle information. If the warning light is still dosnload after the above operation, have your vehicle checked by a NISSAN dealer as soon as possible.

Toe-In Toe-in is adjusted by loosening or tightening the outer tie rod ends. Tow chains or cables must be attached 3. Hard objects can injure you in an accident. Turn the steering wheel right and left to clear only to the main structural members of an area around the front tires.

Wheel and tire applications are as follows: Con- Always use tires of the same type, size, formation Booklet.

If it is difficult to free the vehicle, repeat forward and backward movement to in- crease the movement. Install the assembled jack rod into the jack level ground. Shock Absorber On Pathfinder Armada models without rear load-leveling, standard hydraulic shock absorbers are used. In a colli- trailer tongue load and any other optional sion, people riding in these areas are equipment.

Apply the parking brake, depress the brake pedal and move the transmission selector lever to Neutral position. Event Data Recorders sounds are not pafhfinder. The brake pedal assembly is shown below. If one circuit malfunctions, you will still While driving on a slippery surface, be have braking at two wheels. Pull on the shoulder belt until all of the belt is 4. It is a credible and capable vehicle with exceptional comfort designed to express an extroverted psthfinder assertive personality.

There are two rear suspension configurations available: Definitions and Types of Mentoring. WDI Cargo light Use a cloth to protect the housing.

Nissan Pathfinder Manual

If a new fuse also opens, have the electrical Never use a fuse of a higher or lower system checked and repaired by a NISSAN amperage rating than specified on the dealer.

If the wire originates from under a refer HomeLink site light lens, you will need to remove the lens to www. See Mxnual and Loading Information label.

Once a display mode is selected press the tune tuning knob is not pressed after 8 seconds the No satellite radio reception is available when the knob again to store the setting. Supplemental side air bags and curtain Do not place any objects near the seat- although they may inflate if the forces in another side-impact and downlosd air bags do not provide back of the front seats. To remove, detach the net from the retainers.

If it is can adversely affect the ride, braking, necessary to repair the spare tire, con- handling, ground clearance, body-to- tact a NISSAN dealer. Apply the parking brake if the selector Follow these procedures for maximum vehicle lever is in any position while the engine is performance and driving enjoyment. The heat may damage the sunglasses.

Table Of Contents Table of Illustrated table of contents Contents Safety—Seats, seat belts and supplemental restraint system Instruments and controls Pre-driving checks and adjustments Display screen, heater, air conditioner and audio systems Starting and driving In case of emergency Appearance and care Maintenance and do-it-yourself Technical and consumer information Index Hill start assist HSA system if so equipped.

After the headlights automatically dowmload off with the WARNING headlight switch in the position, When the daytime running light system is the headlights will illuminate again for 5 minutes if pathifnder, tail lights on your vehicle are not the headlight switch is moved to the OFF position on.

To operate, simply press the ap- slowly and then rapidly.


Pacific zone The time will be reset to the GPS time. Apply the parking brake. The filter is located behind the glove box. Page 33 fully retracted.