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This simple site has gotten a whole lot of hits in a short period of time!

So technically one could miss 67 plus 25, or 92! Some questions took up a half or a whole page.

I am in another class right now. Overall I completely agree with your sentiment about how different harder the actual exam questions are from the practice ones. Eat and sleep well before the exam. The first csslp prep guide pdf download studied about hours.

It definitely gets results. Although a lot of the questions were confusing.

Not luck, hard work, and it paid off. Durk, you were right about when the results will show up. Although I think it xsslp an accurate stat, and it definitely gets thrown around a lot, it does concern me that I could not easily find the same stat with a search. I guess lady luck was on csslp prep guide pdf download side. Party at the New Year and start the year off right in your personal life and at work. I wrote this on the inside cover of the exam booklet.

I am very unsure of how I did. You are commenting using your Twitter account. We conned our boss into letting us stay in the hotel that was hosting the exam the night before the exam. Unfortunately I had the right csslp prep guide pdf download.

My boss got ripped off on the ISC2 questions! Thanks for all the posts. I guessed a some also. My co-worker keeps asking if I think I got 75 questions wrong-that is about how many you can miss and still pass.

Hi Durk, Would csslp prep guide pdf download please dwnload able to send me those lectures. There were a couple of other exams being offered at the same time.

I test this week and I can honestly say I do not feel any more comfortable. I started to create a cheat sheet link here that I wanted to memorize so that when I sat down for the exam I could just begin to write these notes on paper and create a cheat sheet from memory!

I had to switch gears! Pvf took bathroom breaks. Guode had 3 immediate thoughts during csslp prep guide pdf download right after the exam: I will start studying next csslp prep guide pdf download week and will only studying my guise domain which is telecom network and will take it again. Probably, why it took me five and a half hours to complete.

Taking the CISSP Exam – My Personal Experience « Inch Deep, Mile Wide

I was one of the first few to take the test via computer based test CBT in October. I thought I was doing well and I still failed. I am taking the test again in a week.