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Place the [REC] tag in the title douluo dalu light novel pdf download posts that are asking for novel recommendations. Now I wouldn’t dokluo normally but the author uses a lot of explanations that are completely unnecessary even if you take a break with each volume.

Checked, I mean who doesn’t like transmigrators who bring otherworld knowledge and skills to a world that’s so pathetically stagnant and stupid that its inhabitants will be stupified.

Thanks for the translation! I originally read the manhua and was instantly hooked. For more explanation of reason why I like this LN, read more below.

Tang San still uses his Tang douluo dalu light novel pdf download skills that he learned in his previous life and it’s still remembered as a plot point and its useful [collapse]. Great story definitely give it a try, I was thrown off by the no martial arts and no magic but this Novel is really worth reading, its not a big spoiler but for those who don’t think to give this a douluo dalu light novel pdf download because of the none magic and martial arts you should read it One of the best novel.

Discussion is usually around the latest translated chapter for a series but feel free to start other kinds of discussions. May 16, Status: The MC was reborn in a another world and still contained his memories, so he was smart and a well-designed character from the beginning. You must be logged in to rate and post a review. The most western like xianxia that is out there I think. Supported by his friends, teachers, and family.

So, chronologically, where does this place?

The cultivation method, the character, the plot were great at first. No doubt good, can be very longwinded, simple explanations made more intricate for the sake of making it sound smarter is.

November 19, Douluo dalu light novel pdf download Bagelson hire more translator on bluesilvertrans please: Routa rated it Other reviews by this user. I’d struggle to think of more than one of two female characters I don’t strongly dislike for reasons like that or others.

The leveling and cultivation system is extremely detailed without being an info-dump, and the fight scenes are intricately strategic. Dont want to give spoiler about the story or whatsoever so I just said they fight the world Aside of character Ugly – Tang San’s ‘rival’ from around c If you have any douluo dalu light novel pdf download, make sure to check the wiki or send a mod message. In too many stories But in this series it is a dwlu no-no.

One of the best MCs of any novel.

Armaell’s Library

You can find it here: Description Links are NOT allowed. LightNovels submitted 2 years ago by thegreatpowerful. Good romance that develops ligjt reasonably instead of just downloav randomly falling in love after losing to MC in a figt etc. It’s not only the mc’s love stories, but also his parents, and his companions. There is always someone stronger, and anything the MC gains is earned through blood, sweat, tears, relentless practice, and sacrifice.

You feel like even if you’re stuck in a segment of the story setting you don’t like it’s taking you by the hand douluo dalu light novel pdf download in your ear ‘Lemme show you something’ and showing you that the grass is greener on the other side, you douluo dalu light novel pdf download feel stuck Hopefully my explanation isn’t too silly and is at least a little understandable As said definetly worth a read.

Read it, it will change your world when it comes to novel reading. Not much of a spoiler tho as its not even confirmed. I often skip combat when reading fantasy and Xianxia novels since they are boring most of the time. But he could have never imagined that this would reincarnate him in another world, one without magic, martial arts, and grudges. Daoist LastWish rated it Other reviews by this user.

Panda rated it Other reviews by this user. Although it is aggravating but at least okay, the manhua is different.

EPUB vs PDF DOULUO DALU – Light Novel Recommendations

You need to spell “Volume”, “Book”, “Chapter” ect in odf. It can almost take entire chapters for Tang San to go through each and every ability and combo ability and hidden skill and domain and whatever else, as it will take typically 2 to 5 paragraphs per ability to describe as he slowly squeezes out every drop of power to barely pass today’s challenge.

P For those who said this novel is slow few chapter just talking douuo battle. December 10, Status: Thanks douluo dalu light novel pdf download for picking up another story from my favorite author. This isn’t the normal immortals-on-flying-swords xianxia — it’s a world of spirit nvel, soul rings, and douluo unlike any other.

I LOVE the LN a whole lot better then the manhua, because you can see the whole idea and understand more in the LN rather than the manhua since it’s few words and pictures.