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The CAGED System Guitar Chords and Major Chords Explained

Why is this important? The reason why the letters C-A-G-E-D are used is because they originate from chords in the open position. If we were playing in the key of C for example and then wanted to change to the key of F, we would have to effectively jump around, to accommodate systrm key change. I like making music. It guitar caged system pdf download to make sense when we arrange the shapes so that they are all in the gitar key.

The CAGED System And The Importance Of Five Positions – Online Guitar Books

In a nutshell, the CAGED system represents a system for learning one scale or arpeggio in five different positions on the gultar. Compare each scale to the fretboard picture above that contains the five chords.

Some guitars have guitar caged system pdf download frets or more, so you can keep going higher and higher up the fretboard if you want, but in doing so you would be simply going through the cycle of shapes again 12 frets up from where you started.

Hope guitar caged system pdf download makes sense! The original CAGED example, using chords across the fretboard and then Major Scales is a great way of demonstrating how the five positions work pff general, but thinking of each position as a letter of CAGED is unnecessary and can be confusing. Free Ebook And Lessons!

To best illustrate how this works.

The book contains 22 essential scales, written using beautiful diagrams. Why not download the free ebook, Guitar Scales Galore and sign up for 20 essential lessons? About Genaaron Cged I play guitar. I know I can start with the open guitar caged system pdf download of the C and continue up towards the 12th fret using my shapes of the c a g e d keeping it in C. The whole point of the CAGED system is that pf want to be able to play one key in five guitar caged system pdf download positions.

Maybe Im not understanding. We want to have access to all that the fretboard has guitar caged system pdf download offer, and not be stuck cqged one position.

As I mentioned, we use it for learning scales and arpeggios in five different positions. Comments Gujtar Bryant says: Also, you can download the free ebook of Guitar Scales Galore, when you sign up for 20 Serious Lessons. March 16, at 2: Im stumped on scales also in the shapes. So if you find it confusing, keep studying the pictures.

The CAGED System And The Importance Of Five Positions

This is because if we always start with the lowest shape fret-wisethe shape that we start with will change, depending on which key we are in. Because the whole purpose of the CAGED system is basically to guitar caged system pdf download the importance of five positions. My point is this:. To get your free copy, simply sign up for 20 free lessons, by clicking here.

The CAGED system is a great way of learning scales and arpeggios in different positions across the fretboard.

Pdg to top of page. Because when we are using the material for example when improvisingwe want to be able to move around the fretboard as we wish. Each one is in a different position, so that the entire fretboard over 1 octave is covered. The names of each note have been included to demonstrate that we are applying each shape to the C major guitar caged system pdf download.

Read that lesson on how to read scale diagrams. It will tell you how to interpret the scale diagrams. Online Guitar Books says: We are going to use scale diagrams. The other reason is that we also want to have the ability to stay in guitar caged system pdf download position and change keys.