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Stars are unlocked on individual members of a family, but count towards the total for that family.

(PDF Download) Dragon Compendium Volume 1 (Dungeons & Dragons) (Vol. 1) PDF – Video Dailymotion

Retrieved from ” http: Please note that some compendium entries are bugged and will not show up on the Collectable Dragons xownload, so it is good from time to time to compdndium through and check manually to see if a dragon has rewards available.

In this example, Savage Shockwave, the first dragon in the Skytouched section of the book. A quick way to do this is through using the Collectable Dragons tab in the family drop-down menu as outlined dragon compendium pdf download.

If the dragon were to dragon compendium pdf download Stage 2 for captures, it would get one star. Dragons are divided into families and each member of a dragon family has its own entry in the Compendium.

On the example image for Savage Shockwave, no stars are unlocked — this particular dragon is pd Stage 2 for wins, Stage 5 for kills, but only Stage 1 for captures. Evolution skill books rely on the total for that family, not the individual dragon by extension, evolution books are not tied to an individual dragon, just that family. Once all doqnload of those odf above a certain stage, a star will be awarded stage 1 completed on all three is 1 star, dragon compendium pdf download 2 completed on all three is two stars, etc.

The bottom option, Collectable Dragons, will be covered in the Dragon compendium pdf download Stars section below. The Dragon Compendium is an encyclopedia of dragons. Once the skill has been unlocked, an icon will appear on the far right side of the bar, allowing you to pay the shown number of Dragon Runes to acquire a skill book. Contents [ show ].

Dragon Compendium

This will filter all of the dragons in the Compendium and show you only ones that have available rewards to claim. Currently, unlocking two stars in a family compenvium make all ddragon the evolution dragon compendium pdf download available to you, but this may change should new evolution skills be added in the future. To access the Compendium, hit Escape, hover over the second icon from the left a dragon compendium pdf download headthen click Dragon Doqnload the last icon; compedium looks like a book.

The right page shows specifics for a dragon selected on the left page. Sign In Don’t have an account? Clicking a family will open its compendium and allow you to view the dragons in that family. Stars are unlocked by completing stages of captures, wins, and kills, as outlined on the bottom of the right page image.

Click on a dragon, then click the check mark next to the field that has a reward dragon compendium pdf download to claim on the right. Stars are used primarily to unlock evolution skill books and are tied to several achievements. The total amount of stars for a dragon family can be seen on the family drop-down at the top of the left page.

Once all available rewards for that dragon have been claimed, the listing will be removed from the Collectable Dragons menu. Games Movies TV Wikis. The amount for an individual dragon can be seen next to dragonn name dragon compendium pdf download the left page. For more information on how to use these skill books, please see the Dragon Evolution page.

If you already have stars in a family, the total dragon compendium pdf download of stars for that family will be displayed to on the right edge. Again, this is the number of total family stars required, not the individual dragon stars required!