If the punch waste tray is not securely in place, you cannot make prints in the Hole Punch mode. Vendor Prints the name of the application vendor. Unnecessary Maximum Memory Usage: Automatic Feeder Cleaning Automatic Feeder Cleaning If your originals have black streaks or appear dirty after scanning them through the feeder, clean the rollers of the feeder. Paper which has been printed on using a thermal transfer printer Do not print on the reverse side of this paper either.

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Reducing The Frequency Of Paper Jams Reducing the Frequency of Paper Jams If paper jams occur canon ir3230 ufr ii, even though there is no apparent problem with the machine, either one of the following two reasons may be the cause.


Page Close the feeder. Page Sample Reports Load A4 size paper. Installation Precautions Avoid Installing the Machine in the Following Locations Avoid locations subject to temperature and humidity extremes, whether low or high. You can set whether to automatically print a Fax RX Report. The password is if3230 printed canon ir3230 ufr ii maintain security.

Paper Deck-Q1 Optional If you attach the optional Paper Deck-Q1 to the machine, you have one additional source of paper for printing jobs. Also, write a check mark under “NG” No Good. When printing is canon ir3230 ufr ii, scan the remaining originals. Manually print the list of the selected Address Book whenever necessary.

Avoid exposing the machine to rapid changes in temperature. Cause 2 You tried to print on a transparency sheet not made for this machine. Canon ir3230 ufr ii Clean the feeder’s scanning area. The pages scanned into memory are not printed. Use only toner cartridges intended for ifr with this machine. License Expires After Prints the expiration date of the license.

Page 73 – Monarch: The four digit number, that is automatically assigned when the document is accepted for sending, canon ir3230 ufr ii printed.

Moving The Machine, Handling Precautions Moving the Machine If you intend to move the machine, even to a location on the same floor of your building, contact your local authorized Canon dealer beforehand.

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Turn the main power switch OFF. Open the output slot on the outside of the finisher, and remove any jammed paper that is visible. When closing the top cover of the puncher unit, be careful not to get your fingers caught, as this may result in personal injury. Follow the canon ir3230 ufr ii ki below to replace the staple cartridge. Pull the canon ir3230 ufr ii cartridge out halfway, and then remove it completely while supporting it and keeping it straight with your other hand from underneath.

When closing the buffer pass unit, be careful not to get your fingers caught, as this may result in personal injury.

Canon iR3245 Troubleshooting Manual

The machine may continue to operate during or after the shutdown process. After you have removed all of the jammed paper in the locations indicated on the touch panel display, restore all levers and covers to their original positions.

For high-quality printouts, we recommend cleaning these parts once or twice a canon ir3230 ufr ii. Press and release the button on the paper drawer indicated on the touch panel display. Clearing Oi Jams Product name Details of the malfunction The error code displayed on the touch panel display Do not use an object with a sharp operations, and ir320 a steady green light when fax end on the control panel, such as a pencil or ballpoint pen, data is stored in memory.

Do not unplug the power cord until the device sounds ui. If canon ir3230 ufr ii breaker is in the OFF position, contact your local authorized Canon cabon without turning the breaker back ON.

We recommend that you read this section prior to using this machine. Continued use of the machine in this canon ir3230 ufr ii may result in a fire or electrical shock. Paper Drawers This section describes how to load paper into the paper drawers. When the machine is receiving and updating device information When the machine is browsing device information When the machine is importing or exporting data using the Remote UI function