Driver-specific C data types, which are useful for supporting new DBMS data types that existing C types do not correctly represent. Is there a way to get the parameters used as well? Kunnen wij u helpen? If I query the view directly I get data returned. Will this report help them? Is it not needed to use the PM table to show all transactions that are not fully applied?

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If the payment is not fully applied, the apply information may be in both the PM and PM table at the same time. Thanks a lot Victoria!


Change the Language to C Program 3. If I don’t specify the row number, the behavior is erratic. I made slight alterations to the original code as well. Vito Gemmato Reply April 1, at 37000 microsoft odbc sql server The default is “yes” if QT is found.

If not, do you know of another way to do this? My only guess is that there are decencies on the SQL server vs or maybe how the linked server connection jicrosoft set up. Unfortunately, they are the only one local that we have setver able to find.

Hi Dustin – I was able to use command to output a file, but I don’t think its working properly. This is good idea for future. That is a great question! If the results of this view bring back Credit Memo, then the invoice was not paid 37000 microsoft odbc sql server a check.

However, this is a rather simplistic description of what the driver manager does. As far as the application is concerned, it is using a normal ODBC driver. Specifiying the full path to the SQL tools, getting rid of the SQL tools, or changing order 37000 microsoft odbc sql server path gets rid of the problem.

Victoria Yudin Reply May 13, at 5: Preston Reply March 10, at And how do they create it. Victoria Yudin Reply May 27, at 1: Hi Mario, I am explicitly excluding voids from this code because you cannot apply a voided transaction to anything. When I checked the Payment was not posted yet. So I would recommend following the advice of Dustin and use a tool like BCP or any other data dumper.

You should note that many ODBC 37000 microsoft odbc sql server return -1 if the SQL was a result-set generating statement, otherwise this should be the number of rows inserted, deleted or updated.

It may microsot slightly slower than the MySQL equivalent, but at least it works. Is there a way to get the parameters used as well?

Change “” to the identity of the record you want to save 7. We have not been too impressed with our local partner.


Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. What type of attack is this? Like I said and up only, for run profiler. Nev, I added the following lines at the top of your query: Please let me 37000 microsoft odbc sql server if you are seeing voided checks in your results and I will double check my code. The format of isql’s command line for testing connection is:.

Vito Gemmato Reply March 31, at 5: The data is a serialized. Also, what is the Amount Remaining shown for the invoice? I really appreciate your help.


Hello Victoria, Thank you for all of your work published here on your web site. This would permit us to inquiry about an invoice or credit and determine what check number they were paid on or deducted on without having to go to the paper check copy.

You should use the -v option because this causes isql to output any ODBC diagnostics if the connection fails. Victoria Yudin Derver May 27, at 6: Are you using SmartList Builder to create the object?

But the same query in SmartList Builder produces no results when the linked server columns are included.