Then all of a sudden stopped working. I watched a video clip on facebook then my screen went blannk would do nothing so I prssed the power button to shut it off then tried to turn it back on and nothing happens. But nothing turns on. There is nothing on the lcd, tried disassembling it step by step but still nothing worked, is the laptop motherboard dead or is it some other problem?? I hooked up my desktop monitor to the laptop during this process and the screen was blank. Following your advice, I took the battery out, waited few minutes, plugged in the AC and it came back. But when pressure is applied as I type the garbage returns.

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Most likely you can find the fuse somewhere close to the DC jack. Another thing to remeber is watch the board closely, and try to sony vaio vgn – s360 any visual defects, usually if the SMD components burn their color changes and they sometimes crack too so if you look carefully you might be able to point it visually.

January 27, at 9: I have an older laptop that the hard drive led just blinks when I power it on. I think and hope it might be the battery but I dont have a way of testing it and I was thinking if its ok to just plug the laptop to the outlet with out the battery… would that be ok or do i have sony vaio vgn – s360 have the battery in the laptop to convert the power so it can use it…. I have an Acer aspire laptop which turns on normally but after five minutes of use the screen goes black, but the laptop remains on.

After visiting your site i have very good confidence in me. October 11, at 5: How easy is it to replace it? I minimize the laptop to a bare bone system and leave only a few key components: This could be memory failure.

CMOS battery also know as RTC battery

January 7, at 9: Also, try turning on the laptop with an external monitor while the video cable is unplugged from the motherboard. This morning was working then Avio turn it off.

You would load up windows and it would ask you. Taking the ram out does cause a beeping… So is this a sign that the mobo is not dead? Cant able to access bios, totally blank black screen. After pressing power, the baio light illuminates, as well as the LEDs For battery and plug.

Keep this pads shorted while the laptop turning on. I just thought you should know this. From reseating the memory, remove the hard disk, remove the battery, remove wifi and modem, and test it with external monitor.

sony vaio vgn – s360 It seems that you are taking the “thinking outside the box” TOTB metaphor much more literally than it is intended or, at least, as I and may others infer. Check the on board SMD power button test it with multimeter too Sony vaio vgn – s360 have exprienced after testing the whole board the power button is bad.

Only 20 percent managed to break out of the illusory confinement and continue their lines in the white space surrounding the dots. October 18, at 8: Any tips for how to deal with the soldered-on battery that this model has? Do you think this is a motherboard problem, or a power problem?

Is my CMOS bad? I have problem with sony vaio vgn cs11z,its lcd screen displays horizontal purple lines at the bottom of screen. I hooked up my desktop monitor to the laptop during this process and the screen was blank.

First of all, I would check memory modules. Can you see external video? This all sony vaio vgn – s360 acused when i tried to extend a ram while the batery is in the laptop and this might have disabled the original RAM which is integrated in the board. February 28, at 7: Try reseating both modules. When I set up the screen saver, certain ones will work for a little while if I set them on preview for a long time. Do you know where I might find instructions to remove hd on this particular computer?

I have a fujitsu siemens LI, juice was spilt on the keyboard. The CPU fan never turns on. I have lenovo laptop,it is compleatly dead accept there is avoltage in the plug of battary led not illuminate ,adapter is ok,i removed all parts and removed motherboard from the base and connect with sony vaio vgn – s360 and switch computer on and still dead. I think I have the cited MoBo problem, and need your help.

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A newer version of your browser may be available. AND, evidently the warranty period for me is ending in one week!! Re-plugged in the laptop…. Maybe the AC adapter went bad.