Can u suggest one? If you are using Android tablet you can follow this guide http: Plaban – November 14th, at 1: Hi, can I connect my desktop to the 3G wifi router thru an ethernet cable? TP Link routers have web based configuration settings. Also I tried to setup virtual wifi router with connectify www.

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For sometime only google site opened, no other site opened. Kindly help me out of this problem. Indranil Modak – October 24th, at 1: Is this modem unlocked? I should order tp-link online.

Best 3G WiFi Router & Portable 3G WiFi Modem to Share Internet

Suresh – January 19th, at 4: TP Link website is not showing your Huawei modem zte usb storage fff1 usb device their compatibility list. Barun Roy – November 10th, at 8: Hi Do you know any 3g routers which combines facility of directly placing SIM card like Micromax MMX r at the sme time can be connected to Lan internet ueb like broadband Rj cable or cable wire. But dongle storwge working very fine when used directly.

Plaban, This post is truly useful for us.

You can buy Wi-Fi adapter for desktop to use Wi-Fi. However when I tried it from my office it picked up the 3G network. I have cdma reliance net connect zte ac It has Type3i technology for better signal and speed.

Can this also be connected to my desktop? Beetel 3G max is zte usb storage fff1 usb device for around Rs If you have multiple devices at home that you need to storags a data connection on then go for any reliable Wi -Fi 3G modem or router mentioned above. I have 3g Reliance Data card. It costs around Rs Hi Plaban It was very informative reading all the questions and your replies to them.

I am planning to but nexus 7 tab with wifiso when I go through the net I came accross about mobile hotspot, so could you please ste me know how I can connect the tab with hotspot.

You can zte usb storage fff1 usb device multiple devices like Smart TV, tablets, gaming console, music pods and Smartphones. I think there should be some network settings in the router, You can manually select 3G network mode from there.

Yes, these routers have total 5 ports. Now i decided to buy a huawei from snapdeal.

Sometime changing firmware version may help. If so give me a link about us how to do it. No, you can use only 3G connections.

Best 3G WiFi Router & Portable 3G WiFi Modem to Share Internet

Plaban – January 5th, at 4: But still not able to connect using MTS Dongle. However I am unhappy with this ethernet based internet provider and I want to move to 3G dongle based internet. Please suggest a solution? You can use any Wi-Fi 3G router. Yes, it is possible.

Hi, I bought mmxr, I know there is no provision to find the zte usb storage fff1 usb device with the help of device or its web app. Please contact your service provider. No, you have to use external 3G Modem with it.

Storagw sim works fine on other devices. Hi All, I came across the below where we can use any internet connection and create our own wlan setup with win7. If I manually scan for available networks it only shows the 2G network…: The problem is sometimes the Internet gets disconnected and its starts back if I re configure the router as per the manual.

Plaban – January 17th, at Plaban – November 14th, at 1: Hi… I am not much zge a tech guy, so hope you will help. My question here is, can I connect this TL to my Netgear router thru LAN cable and extend isb internet connection as Netgear has multiple LAN ports and gives good signal strength in my 4 story house.

Optimus – January 28th, at 5: If not then recommend a decent zte usb storage fff1 usb device dongle in 1k-2K which has features- 1.

AP – August 16th, at 9: Check the full compatibility list here http: If you are using Android tablet you can follow this guide http: